Kelsey Hunter is a product designer with a background in advertising, software and multi-market services. Currently focusing on interconnected experiences, she spends her time as a Product Designer at Button creating contextual mobile commerce, and advising for small startup Multi, changing the way people and businesses interact. Previously, Kelsey attended Y Combinator in the Summer of 2015 as the Design Director of Vive, an on-demand beauty subscription service. She's heavily interested in the context behind human interactions, and when she's not advocating for usability she can be found kicking it at the UFC gym.



Julia Basso is a postdoctoral researcher working in Wendy Suzuki’s laboratory at the Center for Neural Science at New York University.  As a neuroscientist and dancer, Dr. Basso is interested in the body’s ability to shape the brain.  For her doctoral work, she discovered that certain regions within the reward circuitry of the brain regulate exercise motivation in the rodent.  Currently, she is investigating the effects of exercise on learning, memory, cognition and mood from a behavioral, electrophysiological and genetic perspective.  A major goal of this work is to identify the mechanisms underlying exercise-induced improvements in brain functioning.



They are creating Exley, a bot that talks to you daily evaluating things like mood, sleep, eating habits and cognitive functioning, all in relation to your exercise habits. Exley sends back your weekly stats along with key research from Suzuki Labs about how beneficial exercise is for your brain in both the long- and short-term.