Brian Foo is a multidisciplinary designer and artist currently at NYPL Labs, The New York Public Library's digital innovation unit. He is on the shortlist for the Information is Beautiful Awards for his project Data-Driven DJ, a series of music experiments that combine data, algorithms, and borrowed sounds in order to explore new experiences around consuming data beyond the written and visual forms. He is also the creator of Navigating The Green Book a project for the New York public Library that maps locations that guided Black travelers across a segregated America. He believes that art should be more accessible, inter-personal and impactful.



Sam McKenzie is a postdoctoral researcher working in György Buzsáki's laboratory at NYU. Sam's experiments focus on the neurobiology of memory. In the past, his research has addressed how learning alters the underlying representation of existing, related memories. Currently, Sam is studying the communication between brain regions known to be important for memory formation. A major goal of this work is to gain a more complete understanding of the language the brain uses to communicate with itself.  



Brian and Sam are working on a continuously learning song that listens to, remembers, and interprets the sounds of its environment. This will act as a musical metaphor for how memory may work in the human brain based on Sam's leading research at the Buzsaki Lab.

Brian explains his prototype at The Leading Strand designer demo day. Come see how it's evolved since then at the exhibit July 13.